Where to Eat & Drink

Louisville has no lack of great restaurants and dining options for the hungry dancer. To set you up for culinary success, we’ve compiled a list of restaurants (near both venues) for you to try while you’re taking a break from the Lindy learnings.

We’re also adding a special recommendations section (and other sections) for the foodies among you, should you decide to venture a little further out from where the events are.

Restaurants near Highland Community Center (1228 E Breckinridge St, Louisville, Kentucky)

1 Mile Radius

  1. Wiltshire Bakery & Café  –  (Breakfast/ Lunch)
  2. Gralehaus –  (Breakfast / Lunch)
  3. Flora Kitchenette – (Breakfast / Lunch)
  4. El Taco Luchador (Lunch / Dinner) **limited seating- worth the trouble!**
  5. Holy Grale(Lunch/ Dinner)
  6. Hammerheads – / (Dinner/ Closed Sunday)

Restaurants near Dance Louisville (8023 Catherine Ln, Louisville, KY 40222)

1 Mile Radius

  1. Wild Eggs – https://wildeggs.com/menu/ (Breakfast/ Lunch)
  2. Cancun Mexican Restaurant – http://www.cancunrestaurantlouisville.com/menu.html (Lunch)
  3. ToGo Sushi – https://www.togosushiky.com/ (Evening hours only/ Closed Sunday)
  4. Joe’s Older than Dirt – http://www.joesolderthandirt.com/ (Lunch/Dinner)
  5. China One – https://www.chinaonelagrange.com/ (Lunch/Dinner)
  6. Artesano Tapas – http://www.artesano-restaurant.com/dinner-menu/ (Lunch/ Dinner)


Special Recommendations (In no particular Order)

  1. Lillys Bistro – http://lillysbistro.com/menu-1/ (Lunch/ Dinner)
  2. Havana Rumba – http://www.havanarumbaonline.com/menu.html (Lunch/ Dinner)
  3. Mayan Café – https://themayancafe.com/restaurant/menu/
  4. Jack Frys – https://www.jackfrys.com/lunch
  5. Mussel and Burger Bar – https://www.mussel-burger-bar.com/dinner-menu/
  6. Holy Grale & Hammerheads (Near Highland Community Center) are definitely special recommendations too!

Cafes –  Coffee/ Quick Bites/ Breakfast

Outside of the ones already listed above here are a few other locations to get your caffeine buzz.

  1. Safai – https://safaicoffee.com/
  2. Quills – https://quillscoffee.com/pages/locations-hours
  3. Heine Brothers – https://heinebroscoffee.com/
  4. Blue Dog Bakery & Café – http://places.singleplatform.com/blue-dog-bakery–cafe/menu?ref=google
  5. The Café – http://www.thecafetogo.com/uploads/CafeMenu.pdf


  1. Gravely Brewing Co – http://gravelybrewing.com/
  2. Monnik Beer Co – http://monnikbeer.com/
  3. Mile Wide Beer Co – https://www.milewidebeer.com/home#welcome