A Day at the Races


We’ll be at the track sometime after 1pm. It’s best to park in the free parking at Gate 10. You can also park in the Neighborhood. Simply walk up to one of the entry gates and do the ‘general’ entry ($3). Then check in our fb event (@lindyhoplouisville) to see which part of the track we are sitting in (heads up- you don’t have to sit where your ticket says you’ll be). We’ll likely be in the grandstand and will all grab a box together. 🙂 We’ll be leaving at about 4:30 or 5pm.  You can also TEXT Emily at 502 851-9001 to check where we are, please only do this after you’ve checked the event page on FB.

We cordially invite you to dress in your best vintage derby attire and (or whatever you feel most comfortable in) to join us for a day at the races at historic Churchill Downs.

Entry is $3 and usually there is no trouble getting seating in the grand-stands. We’ll announce which section well be at soon. Our meet up is all ages.

tumblr_inline_mmwjqaqkR71qz4rgpOnce there you can simply enjoy the company and the ambiance. For those who want a little more of the ‘track’ experience: betting is possible (for those over 18) and cordials are available for purchase (for those over 21).  See Churchill Down’s website for more information about going to the track. We recommend brining a cooler with your own food/water- and also wearing comfortable shoes as we’ll be doing a lot of walking.

Visit Churchill Downs website for more information