DCJJ 2018

Derby City Jockey Jump & A Day at the Races with Lauren Smith and Peter Flahiff November 9th-11th 2018

2 tracks (or double down for both)6c134dbb1b6f4b4886c8de3ca914ec10-rimg-w720-h480-gmir

6 hours of classes

10 hours of social dancing

Friendly Competitions

Official Meet up at Historic Churchill Downs

After parties and more!


November 9th-11th: Join us for a weekend of workshops, social dances, lighthearted competitions and lots of Louisville Charm featuring the dynamic duo: Peter Flahiff and Lauren Smith!

Derby City Jockey Jump and a Day at the Races includes 2 days of workshops, 3 evenings of social dancing and of course, an afternoon meet-up at the races (aka Churchill Downs) on Friday.

2 Class Tracks: Starting Gate and First Turn: Beginner/Intermediate and Second Turn & Final Stretch: Intermediate/Advanced. Double Down on the weekend and do both tracks so you can brush up on your basics AND add some swoosh to your swing out. (or…. take one as a leader and the other as a follower (switch it up)).

About the instructors:

Peter & Lauren are two dynamic instructors with over thirty years of teaching experience between them. Based in Southern California, they are highly in-demand, sharing their passion for the great classic dances of the Swing Era. Their classes and workshops are noted for their clarity, humor and high spirits!

See Lauren and Peter dance https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zJSuEvS2dNg




Track Descriptions and Pricing



Things to do in Derby Town (aka Louisville)

Recommended Restaurants

Sunday Afterparty

Friday’s A Day at the Races