Welcome to a playful, dedicated, and inspiring class experience where you’ll meet new friends and enjoy a relaxed atmosphere.

We’re excited to partner with Bourbon Tango in 2020 to share swing dancing with the Louisville community!

Class Time: Thursday nights starting at 7 pm

Class location: Bourbon Tango, 1608 Bardstown Rd, Louisville, KY 40205

Class registration: Sign up here!

FYI! Our classes work like all other Bourbon Tango classes: you can buy a pass a-la-carte for any one lesson (or packs), and you can buy the 30-day pass for full BT class access.




Thursday Schedule:

        • 7-8:00 pm Lesson Topic I
        • 8-9:00 pm Lesson Topic II  -OR-  social dance

We find that classes are more fun when

        • You can get to know fellow class mates
        • Class material is fresh, fun, and builds with each lesson
        • Classes are affordable

Therefore, we design progressive lesson plans. Each month, we introduce a topic and build each week around growing further within that topic. We encourage our dancers to join us for the full month for the best experience.

All classes deliver beginner-friendly material unless marked as II (Lindy II, East Coast II, Balboa II).

SUNDAY JAM SESSIONS: Bring your latest ideas, or a Lindy Hop topic you’re working on, and share it with the group; we’ll synthesize the suggestions into a guided practice session. This is your opportunity to explore your dance growth communally with your peers.  (1-2 hours; some experience with Lindy Hop required)

Class Descriptions

East Coast 

This is perhaps the best place to start: East Coast is open to dancers of all levels and ages. This series will engage dancers with the fundamental rhythms, shapes, and connections of Social East Coast Swing.

It’s an amazing way to connect with people while learning a new skill. No Partner required.

Lindy Hop

This class is awesome for new dancers. Well go over the foundations of Lindy Hop from rhythm to shape and connection. We love sharing our joy with the community and would love to show you lindy for the first time or to help you refine your fundamentals if you are looking for a review!

Lindy Hop II

This class is awesome for  those who have taken beginning/intermediate balboa courses with us in the past. This class is for those who already know swing out and closed positions. Each class we will work with a different move, rhythm, or shape. No partner needed. We love sharing our swing dance joy with the community!

Partner Charleston

This course will teach the basics of partner charleston (including the basic steps and getting ‘in’ as well as ‘out’ of the charleston from either east coast or lindy.


This series is for total beginners and also those who took the last Balboa course. Balboa is an amazing and fun social swing dance originating in Balboa, California in the 1930’s.

Balboa’s playful, conversational style is done in both open and closed positions. Because of this connection and style, it makes faster paced music more available to dancers and is easier to do for all ages of potential dancer. During the first 3 week’s well be learning fundamental rhythms and connections. During the last 2 weeks of the course well dive into turns and other ‘movements’ that will build on information taught in the first 2 weeks, but may be new to those who took the previous balboa class.

If you are curious about balboa, feel free to type in “all balboa weekend 2017” into youtube and enjoy videos of dancers from all over the world, including one of our very own: Emily Schuhmann.

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