Lessons in Louisville starting November

Lessons are Beginning this November 2017. You can register here.

A fun and inspirational series for those looking to learn lindy hop and to be part of a vibrant and welcoming community. Dates: Nov 14, 21, 28th and Dec 5th &12th.

This series is 5 weeks long, consisting of 5 one hour lessons covering the basic steps and turns/shapes of Lindy Hop.

There will be a one hour social dance after each lesson that all members of the community are encouraged to attend.

Tuition is $60: it coveres the series and the dances. Lessons are sold as a series so that students are gauranteed a progressive cirriculum and can develop friendships with consistent attendance.

Dances are drop in and are $5. A mix of beginner friendly swing era style Jazz with a primary beat per minute range of 110-160 will be played. Lindyhop, Charleston, Slow Balboa, and some Shag will be the main styles of dance catered to by DJ’s.

*Dancers wishing to volunteer in exchange for participation or entry are encouraged to PM Emily Schuhmann.

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